Vietnam Busts Two Online Sports Betting Rings

The ring, which primarily took wagers on football matches, reportedly handled bets totaling VND 1.3t (US $57.8m) before their jig was up.

The Vietnam News Agency reported that the ring had established fake offices in nightclubs in both Seoul and Ho Chi Minh City. Seoul police arrested three individuals last week while Vietnamese authorities are reportedly still searching for their accomplices in Ho Chi Minh City.

Online betting is illegal in both South Korea and Vietnam. The ring handled an estimated $5m in wagers from about 1,000 customers before the whip came down.

The rings customers were reportedly asked to transmit their funds to the Ho Chi Minh City office via an unspecified online banking service, after which the funds would be funneled to the South Korean office. Both busts pale in comparison to the estimated $60b that was wagered with an online site run by a Chinese national who earlier this week was deported to his home country to face the music. South Korean betting operators have routinely established bases of operation in numerous Asian countries, including Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. Meanwhile, police in South Korea recently busted an online sports betting ring in Seoul that utilized a fake office in Vietnams Ho Chi Minh City to help process financial transactions.

April 7, 2016

vietnam-football-betting-bustsVietnamese authorities have broken up an illegal online sports betting ring they claim handled wagers worth nearly $58m. The latter country has become sufficiently used to busting South Korean betting operators that the two countries recently established a new streamlined extradition process to reduce the paperwork backlog.

Six months earlier, Thanh Ha police rumbled an illegal betting ring that handled $44.5m in wagers.

On Sunday, police in the central province of Thanh Ha pounced on the operation, arresting 14 individuals, including the two alleged ringleaders, Nguyn Th Hiu and Nguyn Thnh Trung.