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The Secret To Positive Energy and a better life

EDITOR’S CHOICEProtect Yourself From A Compulsive Gamblerby Wendy Golden9 months ago

This hub discusses how loved ones can protect themselves from the ravages of a gambling addiction. Please try again later.. Free Affirmations. Here are a few of my 50-word essays.

How To Change Your Paradigms | Positive Affirmationsby L M Reid2 months ago

How to change your Paradigms. Here is a flash fiction piece about Gambling with a…

EDITOR’S CHOICE50 Word Mini-Stories: A Creative Writing Exerciseby Greensleeves Hubs2 weeks ago

Many years ago, the Daily Telegraph ran a competition to write a story or essay in exactly 50 words, no more, no less. It is for the families of compulsive gamblers.

Do You Believe Your Mind Can Heal Your Body Of Any Disease?by vveasey10 months ago

Did You Ever Wonder If Your Mind Could Heal Your Body Of A Disease? Well It Just may Be Able To do That!

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The Gambler-A Short Storyby Denise Handlon3 years ago

Do you, or anyone you know, have a gambling addiction? What starts out as a simple night of fun playing cards with the boys can end up with distasterous results