Kate Middleton baby name: Online betting favorites are Elizabeth and Diana (Video)

If it’s a girl, Victoria is a favourite and, funnily enough, Diana is a name that Catherine has always loved.”

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When it was announced on December 3 that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting, speculation immediately began regarding what name will be picked for the royal baby. If it’s a girl, the name would have to be Diana.”. Interest is so high that people are making bets online. A close second is Diana with 12 to 1 odds.

Per In Touch Weekly magazines Marie Sutton, “Diana would have been a doting grandmother.

When it comes to naming her first baby, Kate Middleton is taking the advice of her mother. She was such a lovely, basic, down-to-earth lady. Now Hay, who refers to the Kate as Catherine, shares Catherine’s been saying, as per her mother’s suggestion, that she wants to meet the baby first and then decide. According to William Hill, an online sports betting agency, the favorite name is Elizabeth with 8 to 1 odds. She would have loved Kate. The Duchess of Cambridge wants to meet her baby before selecting a name.

Jessica Hay, a self-proclaimed longtime friend of Kate Middleton, turned out to be correct when she said the royal couple would make a baby announcement in December