How to Stop Harassing Phone Calls

You may also have to file a formal complaint before the phone company can take any action to stop such calls.

Steps to Stop Harassing Cell Phone Calls

You need to contact the local authorities if you receive any type of harassing phone calls. Many times, it may happen that someone is just trying to have some fun and your retaliation gives them an opportunity to trouble you more. Take steps to stop such calls and live your life in peace.

Harassment is a crime that is a punishable offense similar to gross misdemeanor or felony. There are many softwares available for cell phones that help in stopping such phone calls. In this case too, you can again use your voice mail service and repeat the message above stating that you have activated call trace and the call is being recorded. You may also avail the facility of ‘Call Trace’ to trace the harassing calls. You have a law to protect you from harassing practices. The local phone company may have a policy to first call the phone company or may inform the police first. When someone calls you excessively, uses obscene or threatening language, or just uses silence to intimidate you, it can be termed as a harassing phone call. You can receive harassing phone calls from a salesperson, teenagers playing pranks, credit collectors, ex-partner, etc. The company won’t act if you receive just one or two harassing calls. But a phone is also an annoying medium that can be used to threaten, harass, and send obscene messages. You may have to pay a fee for availing this facility. The calls affect not only your personal life, but even those around you. You should let them know all the details, such as if you knew who was calling, whether the person was intoxicated, etc. The information collected by ‘Call Trace’ will be forwarded directly to the law enforcement agency handling your case.

Stopping Harassing Phone Calls from Creditors

You need to call the local phone company and let them know that someone is repeatedly calling you to harass. Once the phone company takes note of your harassing phone calls, they will tap your phone line. Do not worry that you maybe breaking any law by not speaking to your creditor collectors. However, many times the phone company may suggest call trace and you may not have to pay the fee. It is an invasion of your privacy that may turn into a frightening experience. You can get one such software installed on your cell phone to get rid of this annoyance.

Phone is one of the most effective and useful way for instant communication. You are now supposed to keep a track of the number of times the person calls you, the time of the call, and date of the call received. If the number of calls is more and frequent, the company will immediately take some action. Or you can say that you have invoked your rights under the fair Debt Collection Practices Act and ask them not to call you again. It should be taken seriously and you must make sure that you let everyone you trust know that someone is harassing you through phone calls.

When you receive a call from the number of the person who is harassing you, simply hang up. These phone calls tend to take away your peace of mind and can cause stress in your life. Therefore, one should find ways to stop such calls.

Stopping Harassing Phone Calls

If you are receiving harassing phone calls from creditors, you can simply disconnect the call without saying anything. They should now communicate with you in writing only. If this does not work, you can activate your voice mail system and play a warning message that states that because of receiving harassing phone calls, the phone company has tapped your phone. Do not say anything in shock or express anger. Today, we carry cell phones along with us and stay in touch with our family and friends 24/7. You can even register yourself with the National Do Not Call Registry that will help you stop the phone calls from telemarketers. If the person calling does not leave a message, you can assume that he/she is the culprit. This might probably scare the caller and would make him/her stop from harassing you further.. The Fair Debt Collection Protection Act helps you against such phone calls from creditors.

In case the phone calls are obscene and your life or property is at stake, call the police immediately. You can even stop these calls by activating ‘selective call block’ in your cell phone. You should call the phone company’s business center first and let them know about the harassment. Be sure you ask the company regarding this facility and its payment