How to Play and Win at Roulette

In the American version of the game, if someone else already has a bet in that spot, then your bet will be placed on top of their own.

In other parts of the world you will use chips with specific denominations on them. The dealer will place a marker on your colored chip so that everyone will know how much your chips are worth. If you want to place a bet, but can’t reach the spot you want to bet on, then advise the dealer and he will place the bet for you. So it would be wise to keep track of where your bets are at all times and try not to confuse them with other bets at the table.. It is up to you to determine the value of the chips (as long as it is the table minimum), which you will advise the dealer of. Roulette chips are worthless outside of a roulette table.

Do not touch any other chips but your own. This will make it easy to keep track of where your bets are for the dealer and yourself. Do not throw the chip with the hopes of landing it where you want it.

In America you will typically be assigned specifically colored chips, which are only usable at the roulette table. Once you are ready to leave the table, turn your roulette chips in for chips that have actual value