How can I stop gambling?

but somewhere inside you, you know there’s a much bigger chance you’re going to lose a lot more trying to get it back. Hope i helped

This is a long question, but i can help you here. Don’t even think i’ll work and now im getting some back.

There is barely anyone out there who actually makes a worthwhile income from gambling, Just bookies & Casino’s and maybe a handful of poker players. That’s imperative. That will restore your ego.

OK peace dude.

Whatever your issues, personal problems, or confidence issues sort them out in other ways..gambling is not a solution, a cure or a’ll bring you down keep and you down

You begin to want to stop but you cannot pull out right? because you’re down or you just want 1 more go, or whatever. All humans make mistakes.

Have you ever been losing a lot, say you got 40 a left…you know you’re going to lose it 99% and you’re already desperate depressed, but you basically throw it away anyway?

So here you have to look at it, you’re a human ok. So you punish yourself, if you had just 10 left at that time, and you could buy McDonald’s and you’re hungry, but instead you throw it away knowing you weren’t going to win and if you did you were going to gamble that anyway(may or may not apply to you this i don’t know) But you do begin to punish yourself. And you know yourself you don’t really want to do it, and know it is not going to work out no matter what. Let me put this scenario you win all your money back…however you try to brainwash yourself into contemplating this scenario, if you win your money back you’re not gonna feel strong not 1 bit, you’re gonna maybe have 1-2 days where you sorta celebrate think you’re done, before you feel weak and like you need to gamble again, and you won before you can win again, and you’re ok for money now so if you lose a bit you’ll keep your head….trust me 1 week later it’ll be all gone again. It’s hard to say it’s gone, but it is. And a lot of humans suffer at some point in their life with an addiction. How do you turn a weakness into a positive? overcoming a weakness makes you strong. and it’s your mind trying to force yourself to believe that you can almost change the past in the future. it’s allowing yourself to gamble when you know you’re more than likely going to lose.

If you can envision 2-3 years ahead you haven’t gave up, you’re losing everything you make, you’ve got nothing left, you feel depressed like you’ve wasted valuable years of your life, you’ve let everyone close to you down, you don’t feel like you can recover…right then you can cry you can be even suicidal…your ego is crushed. So the most important thing is that you totally apply yourself mentally to being determined to actually give it up ok. You see you feel weak when you lose, helpless yes. You have to forgive yourself. I helped many people stop gambling. Start fresh. Just let it go. The weakness is not being undisciplined… Over. There’s a lot of people with gambling problems…you’re not here because you’re undisciplined you can be as disciplined as you like you’re still going to lose, being undisciplined Just means you lose money quicker. There will just be different ‘reasons’

It becomes self hating, you almost hate yourself.

In your mind right now you think this place owes you money and you want it back..

If you overcome the weakness that means not gambling getting on with life you will be stronger better and your ego will return to where it should be, and you can look back at this horrible predicament you was in and think im so glad im not there and not going to return. . Let it go. Mistake gone. Remember don’t punish yourself.

gambling is the easy option the weak option it makes you weak…but doing the right thing however hard it is, is what makes you stronger.

First of all realize you could hear all the right things, get the best advice possible, have all the help you need, and if you’re not 100% truly committed to giving up gambling within yourself there’s still a high chance you’re going to end up continuing gambling.

I may write a lot, but try and read it all!

Now you have to switch off from this impulsive mind with a flurry of thoughts you know like ”if only i did this, if only i bet on them, i was close this time, i used to win i probably just got sloppy, if i study the form etc harder then i’d be winning, i’ll train my brain to keep control if i lose then i’ll begin to win on average”

Switch straight off from all these thoughts, they are totally irrational, addictive needs outweighing everything else. Totally wipe it out