Four teams sportsbooks don’t want to win the NBA title

Aaron Kessler, race and sports supervisor for the Golden Nugget, said the Clips along with their first-round opponent, the Houston

Rockets (Open: +5000; Now: +10000) created the biggest problem for his shop.

Part of the reason is because the Warriors and the Spurs are so good that when you decrease their odds, you have to bump up everybody elses Simbal said. But as Covers talked to a handful of books in Las Vegas and online, it became clear the Warriors incredible season also created liability on other teams.

This has been a very strange season because of how good Golden State has been, said Jason Simbal, vice president of risk management for CG Technology, which operates Las Vegas books at the M, Venetian and the Cosmopolitan, among others. The Warriors were at -160 all year, so the odds of other teams are all skewed.

The Clippers, the No. Its crazy to think about, but thats how it is.

Los Angeles Clippers (Open: +1000; Now: +2800)

Jay Kornegay, executive vice president of race and sports for the Westgates Las Vegas Superbook, also had the Thunder among his worst-case scenarios on futures liability.

The Celtics are the worst for us, Simbal said. They werent great the first few weeks, and at one point we had them at 70-1. We opened their futures odds to win the Finals at +475 back in September, and the bettors have hit them every step of their sensational season.

Again, in the West, thats a product of how good the top of the conference is, particularly the record-setting Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs, currently the third choice for the title at +350 after going a stout 67-15 in the regular season.

Here are four teams the books would like to see foul out of the playoffs at some point this spring:

The dark horse that had a lot of action and could turn out in large payouts is the Oklahoma City Thunder, the oddsmaker said.

Oklahoma City Thunder (Open: +700; Now: +1600)

When the regular season closed Wednesday night, Bookmaker opened Golden State at -130 for its best-of-7 first-round series against Houston, which begins Saturday. But those two teams dont create the biggest problem for BetNow.

As the NBA playoffs begin, sportsbook operators certainly wouldnt mind an upset of the Warriors sometime between now and June. Thats the only team we actually lose to.

Other notables:

An oddsmaker at noted that early this season, last years NBA finalists the Cleveland Cavaliers at plus-300 and Golden State at plus-500 saw much of the action. That hasnt mattered much to bettors, according to Scott Cooley, odds consultant for

For example, in the Western Conference, the Nos. They lost in overtime at home to the Warriors, then beat the Warriors on the road. 5-8 seeds are all at least 200-1 long shots to win the Larry OBrien Trophy.. But they started turning it on. Follow him on Twitter: @Covers_Vegas.

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The Warriors are easily our biggest liability again this playoffs, Cooley told Covers. Weve got a lot of tickets out there in the 25- to 30-1 range.

Boston Celtics (Open: +4000; Now: +5000)

Patrick Everson is a Las Vegas-based senior writer for Covers. The Warriors have already been bet up to -170.

At CG, the Clippers opened as the fourth favorite at +900, but are now at +3000.

The Golden State Warriors just completed the most successful regular season in NBA history, racking up a 73-9 record to best the 1996 Chicago Bulls 72-10 mark. Golden State Warriors (Open: +500; Now: -140)

Those are all teams that are in the playoffs, Simbal said. Plus, the Clippers had the Griffin injury. If the Celts did make such a run, CG would be hit hard.

It just shows how good the favorites are this year, Simbal said.

There are some even longer shots that prove problematic in the futures book. So its no wonder that the Warriors present some futures liability, with plenty of tickets written on them. 4 seed in the West, are a popular team that saw their odds slide dramatically during the season, particularly with Blake Griffin sitting out a long stint with injuries. Golden State opened the season at around +500 to repeat as champions and now sits at -140.

Simbal noted that at CG books, the futures action slowed once the Warriors went to minus money.

Boston is another popular teams that draws public bets, even as a darkhorse to sniff an NBA championship ring. At the Superbook, Kornegay said one such team is the Dallas Mavericks, currently a massive 300-1 shot (+30,000), and the Blazers are at +20,000.

The opening and current futures lines on the Warriors have varied a bit, but have generally been in the aforementioned ballpark